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Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is suitable both for those who have recently approached photography, and for those who want to deepen and refine the technique.

We will apply the most recent and innovative shooting and post-production techniques, in order to make the most of our camera to get shots that restore the atmosphere of the moment and that are able to express the photographer’s sensitivity.

We will get images with a strong emotional charge, but at the same time they do not lose the naturalness that a landscape shot must always maintain in our opinion. We will learn how to read, analyze and interpret the photographs we are going to make, with the critical eye of those who constantly want to improve.

Each workshop  has a maximum number of 7 to 10 participants, a number that we consider optimal to be able to follow everyone completely and provide everyone with the preparation they need.

How do we organize our courses?

With our courses we want to be able to transmit, in addition to notions, all this. We want to give those inputs that in my opinion are fundamental to make the leap as photographers.

We like having a small group to be able to follow everyone with the right calm, avoiding crowds that in my opinion limit the expressive capacity of the individual and only create confusion.

What will you learn?

  • How to plan a successful photographic output
  • Composition in landscape photography
  • Critical reading of the image, analyzing all the aspects that make up a good photograph.
  • Shooting Techniques (Multiple Exposures, Focus Stacking)
  • Use of filters (ND, GND, Polarizers)
  •  Use of various accessories
  • Post production from the RAW format to the resized image for web, passing through:
    • Adobe Camera Raw
    • Masks and levels
    • Luminosity masks
    • Dodge and Burn
    • Tricks belonging to my personal workflow

Necessary equipments:

Our goal will be to get the most from the equipment you have available. I indicate here what is the recommended equipment for a correct course:

  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses
  • Wide angle lens (14-24, 15-30, 11-16 or similar)
  • Focal  length (24-70, 18-55 or similar)
  • Telephoto (70-200, 70-300 or similar)
  • Tripod

Date and Location:

To be announced by Sanak soon.

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